Our Ethos

Solid Ground Outdoors (SGO), was started to raise awareness for the British and Irish outdoors. A world which a lot of people seem to forget exists, unless when it appears on their social media. They give it a 'like' and continue scrolling.

We hate to break it to you, but this is not experiencing the outdoors. A picture nor video can place you on top of a mountain, or somewhere so desolate that you begin to question when the last time someone was even there.

There is no comparison and no matter how much technology and pixels develop, there will never be a comparison.

Solid Ground Outdoors aims not just to provide clothing and other apparel, but to also help people regain the touch of the outdoors that our social media generation has well and truly lost.

In todays world mental health has become a huge issue, there are many factors, too vast and different to possibly elaborate on. Due to this, we massively encourage getting some headspace and breaking routine by exploring what our natural world can offer. 

Get away from it all.

'Face Your Mountain' - this is SGO's company slogan and if you haven't already guessed, it's a play on words. As we don't just mean face the physical mountain that may be infront of you, we also mean the inner mountain that so many of us struggle to climb. We all have our mountains inside our minds that we will encounter at some points in our lives, however it's all too often that we find ourselves at the bottom with no energy, disorientated and distressed. However, climb we must.

We hope Solid Ground Outdoors inspires you to find that energy and to face your obstacles head on, we want you to Face Your Mountain and don't stop there. If you can face and accomplish your inner mountains along with real physical mountains then you will understand our ethos. 

We also encourage people to respect our incredible landscape whilst using it. Which is why Solid Ground Outdoors will donate and help funding for various conservation efforts across the UK and Ireland. As our company grows we intend to increase our efforts globally. 

Thank you for reading and your continuous support of Solid Ground Outdoors.


  • Posted by Stephen Donnelly on

    Really good kit comfy and warm very happy with my purchase highly recommend

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