Conservation Efforts - The Snowdonia Society

Conservation Efforts - The Snowdonia Society

As we state in our Ethos, a percentage of every order is calculated and gathered to donate to a conservation project of the publics choice.

To narrow these projects down we chose two National Parks in the United Kingdom, Glencoe and Snowdonia.

We ran a vote through our instagram page (@solidgroundoutdoors) where our followers chose between the two parks.

Snowdonia won!

We have since donated the gathered profits and donated it to the Snowdonia Society , who care for the upkeep of the National Park.

The work of Snowdonia Society volunteers is part of the network that keeps our National Parks going.  The team of dedicated volunteers contribute to long-term programmes of essential work: maintaining footpaths, controlling invasive plant species, clearing litter, and managing habitats for the benefit of wildlife.  It isn’t all about damage limitation, though that is a vital element.  Much of their work involves practical enhancement and our training programme helps inspire and deepen people’s knowledge and appreciation of Snowdonia, its heritage, habitats and wildlife. 

Since the Snowdonia society’s formation over 50 years ago their practical conservation programme has gone from strength to strength.  They now deliver several activities each week, enabling hundreds of people to give thousands of hours of their time towards looking after Snowdonia each year.  Volunteers have the opportunity to give something back to Snowdonia and explore and enjoy some of the most beautiful and special areas in the country.  They also gain practical experience, knowledge, confidence and a range of skills which boost their employability.


The achievements of their Helping Hands volunteering programme were recently recognised with the award of Highly Commended at the Campaign for National Parks 2018 Park Protector Awards.


Thank YOU, for your orders and donating to our National Parks.