Conservation Efforts - The Footpaths of Glencoe

As per Solid Ground Outdoors Ethos, we give back to our incredible landscape by helping to fund conservation projects and organisations. These important organisations are made up of amazing, humble volunteers who have a passion for protecting the natural beauty of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Without donations, these projects would cease to exist and with the ever-growing reconnection with nature that people find themselves in, our landscapes would find it hard to recover.

 As much as SGO tries to inspire people to use the outdoors and visit the great natural world our islands have to offer; there is an inevitable 'spoil' left by ourselves. Wether its from the once a year hikers, instagram influencers trying to look outdoorsy, the locals walking their dogs or the keen outdoor enthusiasts who use it on a regular basis; we all leave our mark.



 An ugly 'scar' caused by erosion from wear and tear due our visits.


We have sent a donation, made by YOUR orders to the National Trust Scotland to help fund their remarkable efforts creating over 400miles of footpaths. Which if you think about it, knowing that it is purely volunteer work, is absolutely incredible.


Restoring the path with an added layer to help combat erosion caused by walkers.
A team of Volunteers adding a new layer to a path to help combat erosion caused by hikers. 



Here are a few words from our Thank You letter from  the National Trust Scotland after receiving our donation.

"Since 1931 our love for Scotland has fuelled our desire to protect the built and natural heritage in our care. We know that Scotland’s landscapes, stories and objects inspire and engage people around the world and we work hard to ensure that they are protected and accessible to be enjoyed now and cared for future generations. Without our care, many of our places and artefacts – which hold the stories of our heritage - would have been lost to damage, dispersal or time.

Our footpaths navigate over 400miles of iconic natural habitats. Shaped by the hopes, aspirations, desires and will of generations of people who have traversed the Scottish landscape, they require on- going maintenance to conserve and make safe the paths for generations to come.  Your contribution will go directly to supporting this vital programme of work.

 As an independent charity, funded by donations, our work including our engagement activity, is only made possible through the support, good will and passion of people like you.  Donations are vital for enabling us to carry out the essential conservation work that our heritage needs, and to care for it the way it deserves.

Thank You for your generosity SGO!"


All we have to say to end this blog post is to Thank You to our customers, followers  for your support of SGO and to conservation.

NTS volunteers creating a rock formation path on Glencoe.


  • Posted by Claire on

    Fantastic! I wish you would start a female range already so I can help!

  • Posted by Rob Foster on

    What a great brand! Talking the talk and walking the walk. I will continue to support Solid Ground, it’s satisfying knowing my money will help support these causes while also getting great clothing. Well done.

  • Posted by Matthew Hitchburn on

    Amazing work SGO.

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