Conservation Efforts - Peak District Preparations for 2021

Thank you for taking the time to view this article on Solid Ground Outdoors' continued conservation efforts within the UK and Ireland.

SGO donated to the Peak District National Park Foundation as we wanted to help support the parks preparation for the influx of visitors post lockdown.

Read on for a little more on the project that SGO customers have helped fund,


The Peak District National Park Foundation was established in 2019 to raise funds and support to care for the National Park. Their aim is a Peak District National Park that is enjoyed and conserved by everyone forever.


The foundation raise money for projects that focus on:


They have just recently finished their first fundraising campaign that aimed to raise £70,000 to celebrate the 70th birthday of the National Park (17th April). The foundation were delighted to smash this target and raise almost £130,000 to fund a range of on the ground projects to care for the National Park. They will be celebrating this on 17th April on their social channels with this video -


The money donated by Solid Ground Outdoors has kick-started their newly launched Peak District Proud Fund. The fund launch coincides with the gradual welcome back to the Park for visitors following the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions. While it is great to see so many people out connecting with nature in the National Park, they need to help visitors to enjoy the park with understanding to protect this special place for the wildlife that calls it home and for future generations of residents and visitors to enjoy. The Peak District Proud Fund will start off by providing litter picking kit for Peak District volunteers and supporting the work of Peak District Proud Ambassadors.


Quote from Foundation Manager Sarah Slowther – "a huge thank you to Solid Ground Outdoors for donating to our Peak District Proud Fund, your support will help us to help visitors to understand and care for the special landscape of the National Park at a time when outdoor space and connection to nature is so important for the Nation’s mental and physical recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic."


How can you help us to care for the Peak District National Park?


You can simply follow them on social media (@pdnp_foundation on Twitter, @peakdistrictfoundation on Facebook and Instagram).


Once again, 

Thank you for your continued support of SGO and our conservation efforts!


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