Conservation Efforts - Britains Trashy Habit

Are you annoyed at the constant littering? Do you wish for change?

If so, what would be your weapon of choice to combat such an issue? 

- We could install more bins!

- We could organise more litter picking!

- We could invest in less single-use-plastic products!

- We could encourage more people to pick up after themselves!

Sound about right?


These are tried and tested methods, that for some reason, seem futile in the fight against littering.


UK Littering
Litter left behind as lockdown in England lifts April 21 (Alamy Live News)


SGO is committed to making a change, and to really get behind a movement that will bring change in littering to the UK.

Over TWO MILLION pieces of litter are discarded EVERY DAY in the United Kingdom. That is a mind boggling figure; thats 14,000,000 a week, 62,000,000 a month or 730,000,000 pieces of litter discarded in a single year.

As-well as the cost to the environment, litter picking and removal costs the tax payer over £1,000,000,000 per year! That is one hefty and avoidable bill.

There is an enormous task on our hands, and everyone has a part to play. 

Some groups have called for tougher fines and punishments, and some have called for littering to be classed as a Criminal Offence and that the perpetrator to be issued with a Criminal record.


The UK's litter strategy from 2017 covers three main points,

  1. Send a clear message - encourage litter picking and prevention methods.
  2. Clean up the country - invest in litter picking and bin installation/collections.
  3. Improve enforcement - 'Debate' wether to increase fines and give more power to local councils.

It's on the right path, but clearly more needs to be done.


Ask yourself this, what brings real change to a country? What have we done to change things in the past? The answer?

Make it Socially Unacceptable.

Everyone has a part to play, join SGO's campaign against littering and help share this message.

If you're sitting on the fence with the topic then hopefully the following images will sway your opinion.

The Lake District Cumbria (image: Lakes Plastic Collective)
Dovedale - Peak District (image: Erwin van Vroenhoven)
Merseyside (image: Dominic Darvell)
Dovedale - Peak District (image: Erwin van Vroenhoven)
Durdle Door - Somerset (image: Anna Lois Taylor)


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